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Do you want to learn how people are buying and selling phones? Do you want to know how to safely buy a phone with no risk?

Learn How GetConstantClients Can Teach You How To Buy and Sell Phones Today

What You Will Get After Purchasing:

#1: Courses

You will recieve videos that teach you how to price phones, where to source phones, and how to make sure a phone is profitable before actually buying it.

#2: Buyer List

You will receive the company information of some of the top buyers of this industry. Dubai, Hong Kong, France, United States, etc. Buyers will be from everywhere. Over 500 Buyers.

#3: Software

You will receive software that helps you automatically post listings so you don’t have to.

What You Receive Every Month After:

#1: Constant Clients

Every single day of the month, your information is being spread to buyers and sellers all over the world. This will lead to tons of new business.

#2: Better Prices

When we go to a buyer overseas or here in US and let them know we have tons of people who want to sell to them, they will provide better pricing in return for hundreds of clients.

#3: A Minimized List

In your first month you will be handed thousands of connections. But, after reaching out to everyone, you don’t want to contact everyone again and again. You just want the best buyer. So we will provide a minimized list of 10-20 companies with best pricing. Watch video for explanation.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know this is legitimate?

Go to your local craigslist, offer up, or even your local phone stores. You will see hundreds of ads for people advertising to buy phones.


Will I risk money?

Before you buy a phone, if you inspect it correctly, we will teach you how to use a “pricelist.” This “pricelist” will say what the phone is worth. The pricelist’s are reliable companies who buy phones in wholesale. These vendors will buy any quantity of phones, if you meet their criteria. So for example, if the pricelist says he pays $250 for an iPhone 7 grade B condition, you will already know to pay under $250. So if you buy it for $200, you automatically make $50 by selling to this vendor.


Why is this a monthly service?

Our main business is actually getconstantclients.com. We connect people who buy phones, to wholesale buyers in USA, Dubai, Hong Kong, etc. Every month we negotitate with these buyers to give our members better rates. Constantly there are new buyers. After you take our course, you will learn this, and understand how our company can help you grow.

To give you an example of how beneficial our service is, the average phone buyer buys 3-6 phones daily. If we bring them a buyer paying $30 more a phone, we are making them an extra $90-180 a day, or $3000-6000/month. Even if they are a small person and do maybe 10 phones a month, we still make them $300 extra a month. Our service is here to change the cell phone industry.


How much money can I make?

For the specific method we teach in this course, you can expect to buy and sell 3-6 phones a day. Average margins per phone is $50-150 depending on the model.